A Rough Journey: Railways & the North Peace Exhibit

“The Whistle’s Blowing and Here She Is!” read the headlines in the Alaska Highway News on October 9, 1958. The paper was celebrating the arrival of the first railway – the Pacific Great Eastern – to Fort St. John. Even though trains didn’t run to Fort St. John until 1958, they still played an active role in how people got part way to this region and how farmers got crops to market.


This new permanent exhibit examines how the Edmonton, Dunvegan, and British Columbia Railway, Northern Alberta Railway, Pacific Great Eastern Railway, British Columbia Railway (later BC Rail), and CN Rail played a role in the history of the North Peace.


Learn what a railway journey was like for early travellers. Discover maps, timetables, and historic railway photographs. Explore our collection of railway signs, souvenirs, and equipment. Try out some hand lantern signals using our hands-on lantern.