Find the membership that works for you!


Lifetime memberships give you the flexibility to see everything we have now and everything yet to come…

Membership Prices

Support museum programs and events that enrich community life.

Family Annual Plan

$ 45 / Annually

Adult Lifetime

$ 200
/ Lifetime
  • Free unlimited Visits
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Newsletter & Email List
  • Community Involvement
  • (all prices include tax)

Senior Lifetime

$ 100
/ Lifetime

Student Annual Membership

$ 12
/ Annually
  • $4.00 per visit without membership

Adult Annual Membership

$ 18
/ Annually
  • $7.00 per visit without membership

Senior Annual Membership

$ 15
/ Annually
  • $6.00 per visit without membership


What are the benefits of membership?

Unlimited Visits 

Members enjoy unlimited free admission to the museum’s permanent exhibits for one year (yearly membership) or for life (lifetime membership). 

Heritage Preservation

Membership supports the preservation, storage and exhibitions of artefacts, photographs, documents, and archaeological artefacts from the Peace Region.

Newsletter& Membership Email List

Members receive our newsletter, Museum Matters, twice a year. Members can also receive our monthly email update (optional).

Voting Privileges

Members get to vote at our Annual General Meeting. 

Community Involvement

Membership dues support museum programs and events that enrich community life.

Do I need a membership?

If you’re planning to visit the museum more than twice a year, then a membership makes financial sense. A membership also helps you preserve and present the history of the North Peace! 

Do prices include tax?

Yes. All our regular admission prices and membership prices have GST included in them. PST does not apply to admissions or memberships. 

I'm interested in a family membership, but I have more than three students in my household. What should I do?

This is something we’re working on. At the moment, one option is to purchase an additional student membership (or memberships) if you plan on visiting frequently. Remember, anyone five and under is free and does not need to count towards your family membership. 

I'm moving. How do I receive my newsletter?

Please update your address with the museum by contacting us at or 250-787-0430. Newsletters are sent out each year in January and June. 

I lost my membership card. What do I do?

Don’t worry! We have a list of all our members so you only need to give your name at the front desk and staff can look up your membership in our records.